Edit Job à 3D View Mode


The Edit Job page provides users with a rich set of tools for making changes to newly created buildings and structures. Desired changes may include everything from material types, lengths, colors and counts, to the geometry of individual wall and roof planes, to labor and material markups. Users may wish to apply some changes to a job globally (e.g. wall or roof color), while wanting to apply other changes to individual pieces or components of a structure. Since there so many different aspects of a job that may require modification, the Edit Job page provides users with four (4) different Modes, each focused on different aspects of the job:

1.      3D View Mode ß you are here!

2.      Job Review Mode

3.      Drawings Mode

4.      Advanced Edit Mode


The Edit Job page opens in 3D View Mode by default. 3D View Mode provides users with a three-dimensional model of job, and access to the Properties Tabs for changing specifications to various aspects of a job. (Click here to open a document that identifies the various parts of the Edit Job page in all four different Modes.) When editing a job, 3D View Mode is used to:

1.      View a three-dimensional model of your structure’s shell and frame that you can zoom in and out on, as well as rotate to view from any angle

2.      Add, Delete and Edit doors, windows, porches, awnings, cupolas, lean-tos, open walls, divider walls and attached buildings

3.      Make changes to a job’s specifications using fields in the Properties Tabs

4.      View SmartBuild’s representation of the wall, roof, and trim colors to be used

5.      Review how changes to job specifications are reflected in the 3D model

In addition to the specific functions noted above, 3D View Mode, Job Review Mode, Drawings Mode, and Advanced Edit Mode also allow users to:

§  Create  a copy of a job using the Save As function

§  Change a job’s status from New to Quoted to lockdown the defined specifications

§  Download Outputs for the selected job

§  Print the contents of the Display Pane

§  Review status and error messages

§  Define the frequency with which changes to job specifications are synchronized with SmartBuild’s servers

§  Send Feedback or initiate a support request to SmartBuild

TIP – In 3D View Mode, Job Review Mode, and Drawings Mode, changes made to material specifications on the Properties Tabs affect all panels. Advanced Edit is the only mode that allows users to make changes to the specifications for individual panels.


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The documents and templates provided below are for use by SmartBuild System Administrators. The features and functions described in these documents are neither available nor visible to general users.

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